Backside Stories*

I love the human body and lately I became obsessed with those backside pictures. I get inspired a lot as I was searching similar pictures on internet and weheartit (I'll show you below some of them) and then I found this really interesting video about adding fake tattoos at your body using GIMP 2. I'm not good at photoshopping but that was very easy! The result is interesting and it's a good way to try out the tattoo design before you do it permanent in case you change your mind.
Which one you like the most ? Try it out and let me know your results!
xo athena.

Here's the inpsiration via weheartit (you can see more here):

My pictures :

And tattooing :
Boa tattoo from The Little Prince
The sun & moon tattoo
Japanese Koi fish
The third eye
Boa tattoo II
Angel's wings

I use :

If you want some inspiration about tattoos take a look at my previous post Tattoos Stories*.

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