Tattoos Stories*

I'm not an unconditional fan of tattoos. I believe that a tattoo is beautiful only when it has a special meaning to the owner. You must have a reason to write something permanent on your body. Yes, I know, in our days you can 'delete' an unwanted tattoo, but I can't find a reason to do this, just to delete it someday. So below, I'll show you the tattoo I choose to have, propably on September and some other I like too.

Don't forget to tell me your opinion.

xo athena.

This is my dream tattoo. The 'hat' from the Fairy Tale "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Sain Exupéry.
 It means a lot for me. and I'm going to have it for ever propably this September. I'm excited!
Indian Dreamer Tattoos
Dreamcatcher tattoo. Something to keep the bad energy away.
I like feathers as tattoos.
A good possition for that one.
For me tattoos with birds have tha meaning of freedom. And freedom is one of the most important things in our lives.
Freedom again.
I like that one because it's so beautiful! This is ART.
I don't know which is the meaning of those Erin Wasson's tattoos, but i'm sure there is one.
I like the 'Sparrow' tattoo on Johnny Depp's hand. I found it meaningful and sexy.
A reminder. 'La bella vita' in italian means "The beautiful life'.
"If you're a bird, I'm a bird" A quote from Notebook. <3
The whole world on your hand
Or on your back
The tattoo of Αngelina's back, writes the coordinates of the birthplace of her children.That is truly meaningful.
Jacob Black, New Moon, This is the tattoo that werewolfs have. I like it. And I'm team Jacob. :P
The same tattoo on Leah Clearwater's arm.
"Cela Passera Aussi" that means in french "This too shall pass" Below the 'hat' from The Little Prince.
Pictures via visualizeus


  1. Wonderful post! I love all these tattoos, especially the 'freedom' ones of the birds! Angelina Jolie's coordinates are really meaningful too. Thanks for sharing these great pictures!
    xoxo, Veena <3


  2. I have to thank you Veena for your beautiful words!
    I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    xx athena.

  3. Little precision as I am french: "Cela passera aussi" actually means "This too shall pass" :)
    Really liked the photos!

  4. Thank you a lot anonymous ! I'll fix it!
    Kisses from Greece.

    x athena.

  5. Hey there! To tattoo stn plati tis Jolie fyi einai mia prosefxi. Afto p exei sto mpratso einai me tis sidetagmenes!