Why is the rum gone ?*

I found that great wig and I decided get dressed Captain Jack Sparrow!
Greek Carnival here we go! 
I wait your comments! 

Tomorrow is the big day for our trip to Kos with my sister, Sophia.
I'm excited but a little nervous, I have so much to catch up!
Yesterday we assembled with our buddies at home, we drank beers and had a great time. I dressed Jack Sparrow and we laughed a lot. My friend Deda dressed Sea's Queen and my sister painted beautifully fishes on her face, she looks pretty and my sister dressed like a traditional spanish girl. It had a lot of fun.  

May be missing of  here for a few days as I will be in Kos, as we have some problems with internet connection in my home in Kos.
Love athena. 
Have fun! xo


  1. This is amazing! haha I'm following you now, I hope you follow me too!

  2. Haha thank you Gabrielle! I'm following you now! Your blog looks pretty!
    Let's keep in touch, love from Greece.
    x athena.