Spring Alert*

Portrait | Abby Brothers by Grant Yoshino

 pictures via Fashion Gone Rogue

Say welcome to spring! And this is the best way, here is still a little cold, but I'm getting in spring mood and i'm feeling already better. I have missed walking barefoot, the sun warms my face, smell the scent of the flowers on the street.I can not wait for it! These photos are so into it.
Yesterday we went at Gazi, KooKoo Live Bar, to see an alternative artist Leonidas Balafas. We had so great time, because we are into the greek carnival all were masked and it had a lot of fun! In a few days we will go at Kos, the island I came from, for Apokria and Clean Monday (I really don't know if that word exists like this :/ )I'm looking forward to see my island and my family again and go a walk at the sea ! :)
x athena.


  1. Thank you for your comment ;)
    I check out your blog and it's beautiful.
    follow each other ?
    x athena.

  2. Thank you for your comment Jazzy E (hivennn) !
    x athena.
    Let's keep in touch!