Desigual Dreaming*

Are you looking for some clothes that makes your day ? You 're bored of usual shapes and colours in clothes ? This post is dedicated to you. If you don't know Desigual it's time to learn. Desigual is a spanish clothes's brand with atypical men and women clothes, underwear and accessories, since 1984 for more information visit their website here.
The new F/W Collection is precious. I choose some of my favourite looks just to show you :

Here's my Desigual blouse gifted from my boyfriend who went a trip to Barcelona.It's in the same style as the dress in the second picture.
Front side

Back side
 And another t-shirt gifted from my mom.

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  1. poli oraio brand!poli idiaitera ta rouxa tous k xaraktiristika!ta agapo!:P