Here in Greece we are in the middle of something really important.
Many people are demonstrating peacefully in Syntagma Square, they require fundamental rights and the imposition of real democracy in the country right now!
Unfortunately the government and police are trying in every possible way, fair and unfair to dispel this peaceful demonstration, to spread terror and discord.

We can see around us at Syntagma square, the humiliation of the sense of democracy and justice. Provocation, uncontrolled violence, expired chemical gases, tear gases.
I would ask you to spread the videos and pictures below to make known outside Greece the real situation and not the one that government and media want to show.
Thank you. 

photo by Constantine Belias

Greek riot police man throw stones at protestors

Greek riot police raid on the sidewalk

Protestor says "Don't hit me"...

Masked men smuggled by police riots = provocation

Syntagma Square, Murderous attack with chemical gases June 29, 2011

Gas-Attack by riot police inside the metro station (subway) at Syntagma

Gas-Attack at square's impromptu medical center by riot police.

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