Athena's 11

Faves 11 Jewels*
1. Handmade Name Necklace : It writes "Αθηνα" which is my name in greek. (gifted)
2. Turkish Eye Charm Necklace : Boughted in Bodrum. This one it's really old. (gifted from mom)
3. Green Haze Ring: gifted from my mother. 
4. Amethyst bracelet: I also have earrings and heart shaped necklace. I'll show you in a another post. Amethyst is my favourite gem stone and it represents my zodiac shine, pisces
5. Red Fever Ring : gifted from my mother.
6. Sea's Navel Ring : gifted from my mother. 
7. Silver Bracelet : Sprider Stores, Kos.
8. Turqoise Ring : Boughted at Kos town and gifted from my mom. 
9. Small Turqoise Ring : That one used to belong to my mother and it's my favourite one. 
10. Black Pearl Ring : Sprinder Stores, Kos
11. Turqoise Earrings: Boughted in Athens.


  1. Beautiful jewelry! I love the #10 Black pearl ring! you have a great blog! please check out my blog and follow if you like, I promise to do the same for you! xx

  2. Thanks for your comment LOVE JOICE :)

  3. Thank you Strawberry Freckleface ;)
    x athena.