My Outfit on Sunday*

My Outfit on Sunday*
My Outfit on Sunday* by athier featuring wayfarer shades

This is What I almost wear on Sunday. We had a great lunch at Metamorfosi. And I ate for my very first time spaghetti with shrimps. It was delicious! I have some new clothes too :D I'll show you in a next post!

(The skirt is from Tally Weijl, my blazer is almost like this one and I bought it from Pull&Bear and my tank top as well.)

Pictures is a bit blur cause it's via mobile.

I like that one...(tha scarf is PULL&BEAR too)

Bag : ZARA.

Sofia's precious All Star
 X athena.


  1. loved your all star..Precious just ike you said!Take a look on our blog,you might like it!!Follow us kai tha kanoume follow k emeis..Keep blogging :)))))

    Yours fashionably,

  2. Koritsia! Euxaristw gia ta kala sas logia! Exete yperoxo blog! Ennoeitai sas parakolouthw already!
    Perimenw comments sas !
    X athena.