Minimal Baroque di Prada.*

Prada is producing a limited run of 500 pairs of the fantastical eyewear to be sold in stores.
While Prada usually uses the hottest models du jour to show off their goods, for these sunnies–Prada is calling them “Minimal-Baroque”–they turned to fashion illustrators, an oft-overlooked talented subset of the fashion world.“To underscore the uniqueness and creativity which lie behind the production of these accessories Prada has opted to given an account of eyewear through the work of three illustrators…Ivo Bisignano, Marcela Gutierrez and Andrea Tarella.
The “Minimal-Baroque” capsule collection will be sold starting in February at limited Prada boutiques, select department stores and Ilori eyewear stores (pricing upon request). And if you don’t manage to get your hands on one of these 500 unique pairs of shades, Prada will be releasing two more models from the Minimal-Baroque collection in April.
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Check also out Marcela's Gutierrez personal site, you 'll love her work forever!

Marcella Gutierrez
Ivo Bosignano
Andrea Tarella
Marcela Gutierrez
Marcella Gutierrez

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