My 21st Birthday*

Hello everyone!
Yesterday was my 21st Birthday, 21 at 21 of February, once in my lifetime! I got some awesome presents and my lovely sister made me a bday cake :)
We ate spaghetti with Napolitano sauce, drank too much sangria and later played guitar and sang together.It was a great day even though we could not have a real bday party cause of the exams period we are at the university.
Many thanks to Sophia, Alexis and Despina ! The pctures below show my gifts :
My sister Sofia's presents
Shut up 'n kiss me T-shirt /Stradivarius
Girlie Headband from Accesorize

Accesorize Headband
My boyfriend Alexi's present Exe Wellington Boots

Colourful Wellingtom Boots Exe
x athena :D


  1. Thank you Callifoniaction. :)
    I really like your blog.
    x athena.

  2. Wow lovely pieces! I love all of these... happy belated 21st! :)

    VPV Intern

  3. Thanks a lot for your wishes LizAnn !
    I love 'em all too :D

    x athena.